Viking Air Travel Services

For your convenience, you can purchase roundtrip transoceanic air travel directly from Viking in conjunction with your river cruise or cruisetour. Viking’s air packages are a great value because they include your transfers between airport and ship or hotel. And when you reserve your air with Viking and purchase Viking’s all-inclusive travel protection coverage, your air travel is covered by the policy as part of your Viking itinerary. Select from more than 150 different gateways (additional gateways available).

Inclusive Air

The hassle free Viking Inclusive Air program leaves the complexity of planning air travel with the air experts. Flight schedules are sent no later than 75 days prior to departure which allows Viking to negotiate the best deals and flights for our guests. This includes economy, Premium Economy and Business Class.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Viking Inclusive Air.

  • Best flights available
  • Minimum connection standards, 90 minutes for large airports (London, Frankfurt, Paris & Rome), 60 minutes for mid-size airports (Munich, Zurich & Brussels)
  • Most arrival and departure times at your destination range from 9:00am to 5:00pm local time
  • Automatic seat request, aisle and seat next to aisle when available (depending on airline restrictions)

Inquire about Viking Inclusive Air services when making a reservation. Some itineraries may have limited flight options available.

Custom Air

Viking Air Plus is our exclusive custom air department, for guests who have specific travel needs or special requests. Depending upon your travel schedules, requests and flexibility, our team of experienced Viking Air Plus agents can assist with the following services whether you are traveling on economy, Premium Economy or Business Class air:

  • Deviate to an alternate destination city or stay extra time before or after your cruise or cruisetour (destinations offered for 2018 | destinations offered for 2019)
  • Stop over in another destination such as London, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong or a U.S. gateway (stopovers available for 2018 | stopovers available for 2019)
  • Nonstop flights or the most direct air service available
  • Reservations with airlines that accept frequent flyer mileage
  • Travel on specific airlines or air routing
  • Confirmation of flight schedules at time of reservation; no waiting once deposit and Guest Information Forms are received
  • Coordination of family, friends or groups traveling together from the same or different cities

Please note: Viking Air Plus is not offered 65 days or less before departure. Based on the itinerary, $50 to $150 per guest non refundable fee applies, as well as any additional fees based on the difference between the selected air and the air price paid. Date or city deviations and stopover fees are typically between $100 and $300 additional. Airlines have advised that seat assignments are subject to change therefore are not part of the Air Plus program.

Inquire about Viking Air Plus services when making a reservation.

Fly Premium Economy or Business Class

Viking is pleased to offer Premium Economy and Business Class air upgrades on select itineraries. Available on transoceanic flights, Premium Economy offers a more spacious seat than coach and additional amenities for a significantly lower add-on price than that of Business Class; Business Class provides the ultimate in comfort, amenities and cuisine.


Premium Economy Amenities - Up To 22% More Legroom

Premium Economy is available for many Viking destinations on flights by Air France (Premium Voyageur), Alitalia (Classica Plus), British Airways (World Traveller Plus), Icelandair (Economy Comfort), Cathay Pacific (Premium Economy Class), Japan Airways (Sky Premium), Lufthansa (Premium Economy), LOT Polish (Premium Club) and Scandinavian Airlines (Economy Extra). Amenities vary by airline and may include the following:

  • Up to 22% extra legroom, 9% extra seat width, 60% extra seat recline
  • Adjustable headrests, legrests or lumbar support
  • Personal entertainment system, laptop power port, noise-reducing headset
  • Premium food service (select airlines) and/or complimentary bar drinks

Business Class Amenities - Up To 180-degree Recline

Business Class upgrades are available for many Viking destinations as well. Amenities vary by airline and may include the following:

  • Extremely roomy, comfortable seats with up to 180-degree recline (flat sleeping surface)
  • Priority check-in, baggage handling and boarding
  • Gourmet meals and complimentary beverage service
  • Special airport club lounges
  • Personalized in-flight entertainment system, laptop power ports

Both Business and Premium Economy Class include airport amenities like private lounges, special check-in counters or extra baggage allowances (varies by carrier). Prices are listed on each itinerary’s air section for Business or Premium Economy Class upgrades. For Air Plus services, please see the Viking Air section for additional fees.

Paid Business or Premium Economy class travel is guaranteed on transoceanic flights only; travel in economy class may be required within the United States, Europe or Asia. The option to pay for an upgrade on these flights is available through Viking’s Air Plus department. Call for details.

Preferred Airline Check-In

For your convenience, we have a quick flight check-in link below.