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Enjoy Golden Discoveries in The Hague

Set out to maximize your river journey to The Netherlands with two culturally immersive days exploring the country’s seat of power: The Hague. Drink in the Gothic architecture as you stroll the boulevards of this city steeped in rich history. Top it off with a visit to the Mauritshuis Museum to see some of the world’s most famous paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, including the masterpiece Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Take a Peek While Longships Sleep

Though the sun never sets on exploration, Viking Longships must sometimes rest. Whet your appetite for wanderlust by taking a virtual tour while our European river fleet breaks for winter.

Experience Mozart Classics

The world of classical music shifted when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stepped on scene in the mid-1700s. Let the works of this influential composer serenade you in a dazzling evening of Vienna’s most beloved melodies and enjoy selections from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, music that defined the city.

Admire South Pacific Vistas

Head to the north-eastern coast of New Zealand for glittering views of the South Pacific Ocean that will make any nature traveler reach for their camera. Then ascend the legendary Te Mata Peak and allow the views to take your breath away.


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