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Savor the Best of Both Worlds

Fret no more over the quintessential travel conundrum and experience the best of both ocean and river explorations in one journey! Traverse the heart and soul of central Europe on the Danube, Rhine or Main rivers with charming towns sprinkled along their shores—then delve into storied Viking heritage along the waterways of Norway’s deep-cut fjords and quaint fishing villages.

Uncover New Depths of French Beauty

Often touted as the “Grand Canyon of Europe,” France’s Ardèche Gorge captures the imagination with its lush hills and valleys. Set sail through Lyon & Provence to explore this picturesque ravine and surround yourself in nature.

New Year, New Language

Get started on those New Year resolutions and master five key words in Portuguese before venturing off to explore and meet the locals. Saúde!

Experience First-Rate Travel

The travel experts at CNN perhaps phrased it best when they said “Viking still rules the waterways,” and we know you will agree. Make your next exploration a river voyage to experience the best for yourself.


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