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Embrace the Cool of Copenhagen

Inventive New Nordic cuisine. Simple, classic, and oh-so-popular Danish design. Excellent shopping in offbeat stores and boutiques. Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, is a dynamic city where bicycles are the most common accessory and hygge—the unique formula for cozy comfort—is a way of life.

French Gougères

These airy cheese puffs, flavored with Gruyère cheese, pair with just about anything. But the French most often serve them as hors d’oeuvres with wine or other drinks.

A Sample of Soviet Life

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, kommunalka (communal apartments) remain an enduring symbol of how St. Petersburg went from the Russian Empire’s grand capital to the heart of a communist revolution.

Four Seasons in Rome

During a year in Rome, writer Anthony Doerr experiences the joys of being a writer, the frustrations of cultural barricades and the riches of life there. Four Seasons in Rome, captures the ups and downs of his Roman holiday.


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