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Dordogne Cruises

About the Dordogne River

Rising in the mountains of Auvergne in central France, the Dordogne River runs for about 300 miles in a westerly direction into the Bordeaux region, where it empties into the Gironde estuary. The name Dordogne evolved from the ancient pre-Celtic name of Duranius, a reference to water (“dour”). Activities on the Dordogne include fishing, boating and water sports; the landscape alongside the river is green and peaceful, dotted with towns and vineyards. Towns along the Dordogne—including Bergerac and Saint-Émilion—tend to be small and quaint, making for very scenic river cruising.

The Dordogne is one of the few rivers in Europe that exhibit a tidal bore, a phenomenon by which a wave of water can flow back upriver. (The nearby Garonne also has a tidal bore.)