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Lyon Cruises

About Lyon

Lyon, France

France’s third largest city, Lyon straddles the Rhône and Saône Rivers. After Paris, it is considered the country’s most significant cultural center. Magnificent views are at the top of Fourvière Hill, which is also the site of the massive Notre Dame Basilica. Adorned with lavish marble and mosaics, it was built during the end of the 19th century for the Virgin Mary after the bishop was convinced that she helped drive the Prussians away. Near the basilica, overlooks provide a great place to get a layout of the red-roofed cityscape, tree-lined boulevards and riverside promenades. But there’s nothing like losing yourself among the cobbled streets of Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon). Though it shares status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with several other areas of the city—including the 12th-century Presqu’île, which lies between the two rivers—Old Lyon boasts a rich collection of Renaissance architecture and the world’s first traboules, unique passageways through buildings that connect adjacent streets. Like Dijon, Lyon’s gastronomic cousin to the north, French cuisine is sublime here, with chefs like Paul Bocuse enjoying celebrity status. A simple salade lyonnaise with a glass of Beaujolais makes the perfect lunch.