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Suzhou Cruises

About Suzhou

The 2,400-year-old Grand Canal, crowded with strings of barges and graced by delicate bridges, flows through Suzhou. Known as the city of silk, lush gardens and elegant canals, Suzhou is the same city that astounded Marco Polo. The Italian explorer reported that so much silk was produced in Suzhou that every citizen was clothed in it. At the silk spinning factory, see how silk is made from mulberry-munching silkworms to fine cloth. The Embroidery Institute showcases artisans who create works of art from silk thread. Suzhou is also known for its magnificent gardens. The Humble Administrator’s Garden, largest of Suzhou’s gardens, is filled with water features, graceful bridges, pavilions and serene halls. Master of the Fishing Net Garden, built in 1140, is one of the most exquisite gardens in all China and is best known for its famed peony courtyard.