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Kampong Cham Cruises

About Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham, Cambodia

The capital city of the Kampong Cham province, kampong translates to “the river side” with Cham being a reference to the Champa ethnicity (descendants of ancient Malay and Polynesian settlers). The third largest city in Cambodia, it is accessible by both land and water. It has an pleasant French colonial charm and is known for its quaint, relaxed atmosphere. The people in Kampong Cham are mostly ethnic Khmer, but there is a large community of Cham in the provincial towns, as well as Muslims and Christians. Visit Nokor Wat, an Angkorian temple dating back to the 11th century; enjoy the daily performances of traditional Cambodian dances; or cross the Mekong via a beautifully built bamboo bridge and visit Koh Paen island, where entire Khmer and Cham villages are mounted on stilts in anticipation of seasonal rising water levels.